Egyptian seeds (40GM*30PCS= 1Box)

Egyptian seeds (40GM*30PCS= 1Box)

Egyptian seeds (40GM*30PCS= 1Box)

  • 60 ريال سعودي

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    Roasted Pumpkin Pulp
    Its origin is China and Egypt
    It has many health benefits

    Contains a high percentage of vitamin K, which in turn stimulates blood clotting, prevents bleeding, and maintains bone health and strengthens it. Abundant in the essential minerals the body needs to perform its chemical functions and processes. Contains a good proportion of iron, which contributes to the increase of the proportion of blood, in addition to the magnesium component, which maintains the health of muscles and nerve cells. Prevents insomnia and sleep disorders, helps to relax the nerves and sleep quickly; because of the presence of amino acids in addition to the acid of trypanos.

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